About me.

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My name is Aanyu Deborah. I am 23, working and living in Uganda. When I am not combing the internet for cool tech opportunities, I am either blogging, coding, or searching for new music.

Skills and Abilities

  • Web development with React and Angular.
  • Back-end with Node.js, Express.js, and
  • MongoDB.
  • UI/UX Design with Figma and Adobe XD
  • Creation of websites with WordPress
  • Python programming
  • Oral and Written communication
  • Research
  • Creativity and content creation

Projects done

Brief bio.

I am a software developer, from Uganda. I have great experience in designing web applications. I also have strong technical and interpersonal skills, that enable me to interact with a wide range of people. I am always eager for a challenge that will further improve my software development skills. I love working in tech because it takes me out of my comfort zone and I learn a lot from the experience, not forgetting the coolest thing which is getting to meet so many awesome people from different places and backgrounds. I am currently working in Open Source as an Outreachy intern with Mixxx DJ. I try to blog as much as possible about my experience while working with Mixxx, and hope that someday, this will help somebody out there just starting out (with open source documentation) too!

What I do.

My stack is as follows:

  • Frontend: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python
  • Backend: NodeJs, ExpressJs
  • Frameworks: AngularJS, ReactJS

I also contribute to Open Source software.

Past Experiences

Social media intern at Celebu Online
(2020 – present)
I manage and monitor all Celebu Online social media platforms. I also maintain the celebu.online website. I am responsible for customer support and creating content that markets the platform and all of its products. I carry out miscellaneous tasks that come up along the way and are resourceful to the company’s brand

Intern at Migrant Solutions
(29/04/2020 – 3/07/2020)
In the course of the Lock and Code internship, I was able to further improve on my skills in the following areas:

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
Web tokens
Authentication of users
Validation of fields
Hashing passwords

Intern at NSSF
(06/2019 – 08/2019)
I worked hand in hand in a team of three, in a web development project using the Angular framework, to create a Career website, that enables university students to
keep in touch with mentors in the Professional world. These mentors were able to form connections with students, sharing ideas, experiences, and forming valuable partnerships and friendships with the mentors. Here is the url. https://nssfmars.azurewebsites.net/landing
I also carried out miscellaneous tasks like ensuring the proper operation of company equipment (computers, printers, etc.)

Intern at Airtel Ug.
(06/2019 – 08/2019)
I collaborated on three projects namely: the Cross
Functional Project (mandatory), the Airtern Magazine
(joint project), and the Airtel Hire system
The Airtel Hire system is a desktop application that was successfully built with Oracle XE and Apex. This application was requested by the Human Resources department to cater for its hiring needs. The company receives many resumes and job applications throughout the year which makes it tedious to scan and filter through all of them, this system would later automate and ease this task.

I was lead intern for the Cross Functional Project, themed “What can Airtel do to connect to the Youth of Uganda?”. I led a team of over fifteen interns, in research, and content gathering. We then presented our work before the Board of Directors, and due to
great team effort, the project was successful.

I was also the Assistant Editor-in-Chief for the Airtern Magazine. While in this position, I was in charge of all the articles written by the interns in the IT branch (Bugolobi), but also assisting the Editor-in-Chief with all magazine related issues.